Your phone rings.  A voice tells you to follow a man through the train station.  You're in danger.  

Players connect with a teammate anonymously by mobile phone in Grand Central Terminal.  Through mechanics like handoffs, trailing and evasion, players compete with other teams in the crowded station to complete their missions.

One member of each team is stationary, giving instructions. The other constantly moves through the concourse following directions received over the phone.  There are a variety of missions, some demanding competition between teams, others cooperation.

Player Details:

The Handler - Stationary, directs the agent via cellphone to perform tasks

The Agent - Moves throughout the concourse following Handler's directions.

Game Rules:

The entire game relies upon continuous cell phone exchange between the Handler and the Agent.  

Players are handed instructions upon arrival.  If the instructions designate the player as an agent, he/she is given a specific location to reach and waits for a phonecall.  If the instructions designate the player as a handler, details of a prescribed mission will be found in the envelope as well as the phone number of his/her agent.  Handlers are positioned above the main concourse with complete line of site for the arena in which the agent will perform the mission.  Once contact is made, the Handler instructs the Agent on what tasks he/she is to perform.

The Handler's objective is to interpret and communicate instructions to the Agent - not all mission details will be immediately apparent but will become clear over the course of the mission.  Agents cannot act without instructions

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